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A great-tasting natural product for nausea relief, anti-na has set out to shake up the status quo for easing chronic nausea in consumers.

Sustainable, safe, and supported by science.

Client Needs

To be more competitive in the market space and stand out on supermarket shelves, Anti-Na knew they needed to re-brand.

Our Approach

We introduced the rebranding with all new packaging that better reflected the spirit of the companies mission– to create great, natural products that do no harm.

The intro


The client felt their original branding was drab, dark, and not in tune with their product line and messaging. They believed the brand’s mission— to help people suffering from nausea take on whatever comes their way—was getting lost in the shuffle. Working to infuse energy, confidence, and playfulness into the brand design, we rebranded their existing material to better convey the intention behind the creation of the Anti-na products.

The details


The logo reflects two key ingredients in the chews; ginger and lemon. The ginger leaves surround lemons in a geometric symbol that echoes shapes found in nature.

Color Palette

We paired soothing teals and purples with energetic oranges and yellows to help convey the experience consumers have when using these all natural chews.


Simple, fluid line icons were created to visually support the reasons for use, queuing potential customers to hone in on the key benefits of the product line.

Icons were used on the website and on packaging.

The intro


We created packaging that would stand out on shelves against the more clinical, sterile anti-nausea product lines that populate the market space. Packaging copy was kept friendly, but still informative and reassuring to the end-user.

The details


Vibrant colors and easily understood icons helped to modernize Anti-na’s product line. All icons featured on bag packaging are intended to remind users of all they can do with our chew- namely, better manage symptoms from medications and pregnancy, increase their energy, and travel.