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Natural soft chews formulated to ease the discomfort caused by nausea while safely and naturally replenishing depleted energy.




Irvine, CA

Client Needs

anti-na sought out CACHE to develop a look that is competitive in the wellness market space and stands out on supermarket shelves. The soft chew company also needed supporting designs for eCommerce and product packaging.

Our Approach

To support anti-na’s mission “to make great-tasting natural products for natural nausea relief, so that today can be better than yesterday”, our design team created a brand suite that toes the line between energetic and soothing. We introduced the rebranding with a new eCommerce site and crisp packaging that better reflects the spirit of the anti-na.


We paired soothing teals and purples with energetic oranges and yellows to help convey the experience consumers have when using these all natural chews.

The logo reflects two key ingredients in the chews; ginger and lemon. The ginger leaves surround lemons in a geometric symbol that echoes shapes found in nature.

I LOVE IT!! It is perfect.




We created packaging that would stand out on shelves, with vibrant colors and easily understood icons. All icons featured on bag packaging are intended to remind users of all they can do with the chew — namely, better manage symptoms from medications and pregnancy, increase their energy, and travel.

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