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Close the Gap California

In a bid to increase female representation within CA state government, CTG recruits talented progressive women to run for open seats in the Legislature.




Sacramento, CA

Client Needs

Close the Gap asked us to help redesign their brand and digital assets to better reflect their mission and the spirit of their organization. The challenge? Finding an approach that would engage a new generation of recruits while still appealing to their existing donors.

Our Approach

With a full rebrand in mind, we created a new logo and brand guidelines that would seamlessly apply to upcoming social media, email marketing, and website redesign in a bold and impactful way.


This powerful organization needed to make an equally powerful statement in their redesign. Combining political imagery with conservative, stately blues alongside a bold, lively fuchsia, we struck a balance that spoke to both the history of our democracy, and the progressive future we’re headed towards.

Marrying the California Capitol Building with a feminine profile, we designed the new logo with the intent to create a bold, professional, yet empowering symbol, magnifying the mission of the organization to propel the California State Legislature into the 21st century.

Since rebranding, CTG has achieved the following milestones:


Growth in organic email audience


Increase in earned media hits annually


Increase in women recruited
to serve in the CA State Legislature


We crafted marketing assets that focus on resonating with each target audience, making engagement and education natural. With this focus in mind, we developed dynamic email templates in EveryAction and social media templates for day-to-day marketing needs that combine impactful typography, clean layouts, and spirited illustrations.

For fun, immersive designs that garner views and drive clicks, we created animations and GIFs that bring a dynamic edge to the website, social feeds, and emails, sparking meaningful interactions.

CACHE is the secret weapon behind CTG's explosive growth since 2019. The CACHE team took incredible care to deliver a striking logo and branding package that captured the pillars of our mission, while offering a bold new look that helped us elevate our visibility and diversify according to our ambitious strategic plan. Years later, I still get compliments regularly. That’s rare in the political space.


Executive Director

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