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Coeptus Law

A boutique law firm dedicated to helping their clients navigate complex systems and make supported decisions for their long-term interests.




Carlsbad, CA


Client Needs

To break away from stereotypes of law being stuffy and convoluted, Coeptus desired a website that reflects the down-to-earth nature of their approach to law.

Our Approach

CACHE crafted a coastal-inspired website with Coeptus's mission of providing services to companies of all stages in mind. Our focus was producing a lead-generating website where prospective clients feel welcome and knowledgeable in a space that is traditionally overwhelming.


To resonate with a creative and technology driven audience, we developed a sleek and modern user experience throughout the site. Through interactive design elements, we support Coeptus’s mission to deliver legal services more thoughtfully.

One of our primary goals was to make it effortless for users to connect with the Coeptus team. To achieve this, we implemented clear and prominent calls to action strategically placed across the site. This user-friendly approach reinforces Coeptus’s commitment to being accessible and serving as trusted advisors to their clients.

Redesigning the Coeptus Law site has been a really fun process and your layouts have helped us significantly with refining our content.

Tara & Brian


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