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Dunskey Estate

A secluded estate in Scotland’s lowlands, this 2000 acre coastal property is perfect for intimate gatherings, corporate retreats, and adventurous getaways.

We wanted the world to know Dunskey as an inspirational brand— not aspirational.

Client Needs

Dunskey was looking to modernize their brand and take a more clean, refined approach to their website, digital assets and advertising that better reflected their tagline, “Splendour Found.”

Our Approach

Following their branding guidelines, we created a website with all new copy and design, brochures, email templates, and Google and Facebook ads.

The intro


Dunskey was in the midst of rebranding when our team joined, having already decided on a colour palette and typography that complemented the elegant yet fanciful qualities possessed by their property.

Crafting upscale designs to go along with their new branding initiative, we created additional assets for the digital space and established a brand voice that reflected their eccentricities and charm.

The details

Brand Voice

We wanted the voice to reflect the owners own; clever but not arrogant, informative but never dull, sometimes teasing and cheeky, but inoffensive and always in good-natured fun. It was important for this brand to feel attainable, yet elevated.

Icons (Expanded)

Drawing from the delicate design style of existing icons, we expanded the range to include the dynamic imagery and activities available on the property.


Pulling inspiration from structures on the property, like the award-winning maze and quaint cottages, we created additional branding assets to exist across the print and digital space.

The intro


We created a full-service, responsive website with an intuitive menu, easily-navigable pages, and improved ease-of-use for customers booking bespoke events.

In our redesign of the site, we showcased their majestic property through simple design, compelling copy, and stunning photography from Scottish photographers

The details


With a considerable amount of content required on the website, we needed to organize information in a way that would make it easier to digest, taking into account how it would look on both mobile and desktop devices.

Breaking out the most important details into “At a Glance” sections, we made it easier for people to take in the big picture, while also allowing for those who wanted more information to get into the weeds with long form content.

The intro


Drawing from Dunskey’s branding guidelines, we created materials intended for distribution to both prospective and current guests, press, and corporations. Through breathtaking imagery and descriptive language, we set out to tell a story that captured the spirit and majesty of this property.

The details

Marketing Brochure

Showcasing their expansive, lush grounds and beautiful architecture, we created a visual guide to Dunskey. Breaking up text with blocks of stunning photography, we gave future guests a glimpse into the kinds of events and activities they could enjoy on their bespoke getaway.

Guest Materials

For guest materials, we broke out brand elements in visually interesting ways that reflected the intimate, cozy lodges that dot the estate.