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Mass Torts Puerto Rico

Highly respected trial lawyers from the United States come together for an unforgettable conference created for attorneys, by attorneys.




Puerto Rico

Client Needs

The client came to us seeking to update their branding and create promotional materials for their upcoming conference, to be held annually in sunny Puerto Rico.

Our Approach

We refined existing branding to pay homage to the event’s destination. To engage attendees before, during, and after the conference, we developed marketing and way-finding assets that provided cohesion.


Signage was color-coordinated to visually differentiate between the various activities available to conference goers throughout the duration of the event. Supporting designs were crafted to communicate sponsors and event information in the form of pop-up banners, step-and-repeat signs, and table tents.

Once the color system was established for signage, its usage extended to other marketing materials including but not limited to social media templates and conference name badges — continuing to be used as a visual to distinguish the varied conference components.



All attendees received a 62-page, custom-designed magazine, crafted to engage, inform, and direct participants to pertinent CTAs.


Four badge designs were created to distinguish between staff and attendee tiers. Gradients from our new branding were employed for cohesion and visual appeal.

MTPR’s goal for their annual conference was for it to be just that, a yearly happening that would grow in scale. With this in mind, all assets were created to be flexible and able to accommodate conference needs for years to come.


Social Media Templates

Custom templates were built for social media posts dedicated to speakers, sponsors, and conference goers. Templates were also handed off to Mass Torts Puerto Rico’s sponsors and speakers for event promotion on their own social media accounts prior to, and after, the event.

Email Templates

To further engage with potential and confirmed conference goers, three custom email marketing templates were constructed, built out within MailChimp, and tested cross-browser, cross-device and both in light and dark mode.

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