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Mending Matters

Partnering with schools and organizations throughout California, Mending Matters provides free, on-site, mental health services to students.

Bridging the gap between students seeking mental health services and the therapist who can help them.

Client Needs

As a non-profit that provides on-site, easily accessible mental health services to students, Mending Matters came to CACHE looking to modernize their online presence.

Our Approach

With a wide range of end-users in mind, we crafted a strong, straightforward narrative on the Mending Matters website with empowering language and interactive elements that captured visitors’ attention while giving them pertinent information.

Developing the online portal, we created an easy-to-use platform that automated referrals and utilized seamless navigation, allowing therapists to focus on what matters most—the students.

The intro


We tailored brand elements to be energetic and friendly, while also maintaining a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. Due to the diverse demographics associated with the Mending Matters audience, it was essential we create a site that catered to all users.

To better support their existing branding, we replaced all photography on their original site with custom cut paper illustrations and eye-catching icons. Playing off their existing color palette, we used different shades of the brand colors to create depth and interest.

The details

Brand Voice

Mending Matters’ brand voice needed to better communicate with the wide range of consumers who interact with the site. Globally, language was kept strong, clear, and concise, with an empowering message.

With consideration given to the students, parents, school districts, and donors who use the website, we built demographic-specific pages, tailoring our communication to better suit the needs of each unique group.


We expanded Mending Matters icon library, creating custom designs for each workshop.

Pattern + Elements

We developed a pattern to add texture and interest, providing a visual break to the homepage design.

Wave shapes were used as a divider between content blocks while giving a nod to Mending Matters’ San Diego roots.

The intro


Mending Matters needed a website that better engaged those who seek out their services, targeting not only students and parents, but school districts and potential donors as well.

We created an intuitive online experience that enhanced the users’ ability to find material related to their own needs, re-categorizing pages by consumer-type and organizing content so that it could be more easily digested.

The details


We coded a mobile-first website with bold calls to action and intuitive navigation. With a considerable amount of content required on the website, we highlighted the most important information into easily-consumed soundbites.

The site showcases interactive student workbooks for students to work through their lesson plans. Through this feature, students can virtually complete workbooks that are submitted to their Mending Matters therapists.


Because of the amount of text needed on each page, we highlighted the most important information with simple infographics, allowing casual readers to quickly find what they are searching for.

Interactive Elements

We coded interactive elements to engage and attract visitors’ attention to useful information.

The intro


We created an internal portal that is easy to use and HIPPA compliant. With the intention of reducing the workload on the Mending Matters team, we automated tasks and provided a clean and intuitive user experience.

As Mending Matters adds new partnering locations to their network, the portal is adaptable, expanding to meet the needs of its users.

The details


We designed the eMend portal to securely manage referrals for students who use Mending Matters services. Working closely with the Mending Matters team, we created user roles that would determine the access level to the portal’s most sensitive information.

Logging in, users are taken to a general dashboard that provides an overview of information for their site, recent bulletin messages, and a help bar.