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R.W. Little Co.

Amongst the largest preservation facilities in Southern California, R.W. Little has all the equipment necessary to help everyone from the United States Navy to your next door neighbor.


Industrial & Manufacturing


San Diego, CA


Client Needs

R.W. Little came to CACHE looking to stand out amongst competitors in the sandblasting industry. They sought a more modern, bold aesthetic that still appealed to large corporations and residential customers alike.

Our Approach

CACHE worked with R.W. Little Co. to position their brand as an industry leader for projects of all sizes. In tandem, we partnered with their in-house marketing team to streamline the organization of their extensive portfolio. This allowed their team to easily find marketing materials that facilitate connections with past, and attract future clients.


CACHE selected a bold, angular font for the new logo that aligns with the brand’s core ethos of strength and precision. Paired with a tagline that summarizes their services, the new wordmark balances tradition and modernity.

Playing off of the original logo’s blue, we crafted a color palette to represent their industrial workspace. Echoing the outer shape of the standalone R.W. icon, we carved out additional icons representing each of the brand’s main services. The icons, paired with corresponding patterns, enhance R.W. Little’s visual identity.

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