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Slingshot Social Game Club

Putting a spin on old-school cool, this bar and gaming venue was built to bring everyone out for a night (or day) on the town.

How do we get consumers to care about another sports bar?

Client Needs

The client came to us with a name, a mascot, and an idea for an entertainment venue with custom games. With a goal of growing the business into a franchise, it was our job to help the client build his brand from the ground-up.

Our Approach

Through extensive market research, we created a brand built to win in an already crowded entertainment sector, complete with a unique website, fun social media, and an edgy in-person atmosphere.

The intro


To better resonate with the communities they opened in, Slingshot had to feel less like a chain and more like a local establishment. With old-school gaming venues in mind, we made unique assets and offerings to reflect local flavor, while still keeping core branding the same.

The client only had two non-negotiable requests that needed to be met with branding. First, custom-designed games had to be prominently displayed on their website and social media. Second, the voice needed to be family-friendly without striking the wrong chord with adult singles.

The details

Brand Voice

As a bar and gaming venue with both family-friendly and adults-only hours, the voice needed to appeal to both the young and the young at heart. Keeping this in mind, we kept the tone light and playful, being careful to use language that didn’t skew too young or too old on our digital platforms.

Color + Pattern

Branding elements reflect the interior design, with the patterns we created in the digital space being a subtle nod to the wallpaper the client picked out for his first venue. The gold, white, and black color scheme was in keeping with the retro theme, while red was thrown in for a pop of color.


We created custom icons that were connected to the identity of the brand, creating a uniform appearance across platforms that showcased what made them special.

To avoid detracting from our messaging, we kept the designs simple, with an outline and solid gold details.

The intro


We designed a website with interactive visuals highlighting Slingshot’s custom-designed games. The homepage features a bocce animation that plays as you scroll, created to make the user feel like they are part of the game.

While it needed to look attractive, the site also had to be intuitive and mobile-friendly. Whether signing up for leagues or looking for business information, customers can navigate the site easily and efficiently.

The details


Wanting to reflect the in-person experience in an online setting, we embedded a custom-made video showcasing the venue in action. Fun branding details like watermarks and patterns mingle on internal pages, with venue details highlighted in bold to make finding information easy.

To take some of the work load off managers, we created forms for leagues, fundraisers, general inquiries and events, allowing for an expedited process in response time to those who needed their questions answered in a timely manner.

The intro


Keeping within our branding guidelines, digital assets were created with clean, appealing designs and a playful tone meant to increase brand-awareness, engage potential customers online, and drive foot traffic in-store among our target-demographics.

The details

The Details

From creating local press releases announcing the opening to targeting individuals online based on interests, age, and location, we were able to introduce deals, promotions, and other marketing initiatives to potential customers.


Throughout our web and digital assets, we created animations to make the brand more playful and accessible to potential customers.


Writing and designing social posts for Slingshot, we create content that ranges from informative to fomo.