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Using Frida Kahlo as their compass, VIVA FRIDA strives to offer events, workshops, and cultural items from both local artists and artisans from Mexico.




San Francisco, CA

Client Needs

Looking for a way to encapsulate their Mexican Heritage, VIVA FRIDA sought out a brand suite that would bring cohesion to each facet of their business.

Our Approach

Inspired by the craft behind each product alongside the rich history of Frida Kahlo, CACHE developed a visual identity that pairs energetic textures with hand drawn illustrations.


A hand-drawn wordmark was developed to embody the craftsmanship behind the artesanias, or hand-made decorations, that the VIVA FRIDA shop sources from Mexico.

To introduce the history of traditional Mexican artforms into digital environments, we chose a color palette that evokes a modern take on papel picado, a decorative tissue paper used to line the streets of Mexico during holidays and celebrations. Backgrounds and design details were developed with texture that mimics the form and energy of paint strokes seen in Frida Kahlo’s artwork.

Since launching their new branding...


Increase in Shopify Store Traffic (Sessions)


Increase in Shopify Sales


Doubled their social media followers


Utilizing illustrations designed to represent both cultural objects and items that were prominent in Frida’s life, we created products such as tissue paper, stickers, tape, and even tote bags that offer customers a chance to immerse themselves in the world of VIVA FRIDA as they unbox each package.

The CACHE team is a true joy to work with. They went above and beyond to really understand my vision and bring my ideas to life. Their time, dedication, attention to detail and ability to truly listen to my needs as a client, were key to the success of my project. Everything turned out BEAUTIFULLY and I am so pleased and happy with the end results.



Event Design

To mark their first event since the Covid-19 pandemic, we designed a special logo, event flyer, and ticket page for VIVA FRIDA de Noche, a nighttime celebration of Frida and Mexican culture within the gardens of San Jose’s Mexican Heritage Plaza.

Short Film

As a tribute to Frida Kahlo’s life and legacy, we developed a short film that screened during the VIVA FRIDA de Noche event. A poem written by Frida about her art and suffering, voiced over by Los Angeles based artist Ciani Nunez-Murillo, serves as the foundation of the video alongside custom animations that immerse you in Frida’s words.

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